Waterproof details of resin tile--

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Waterproof details of resin tile
Date: 2018-07-20 15:45:29Pageviews: 878


In the decoration process, the more important water treatment, the joints of the resin tile in the roof will be waterproofed. The synthetic resin tile manufacturer will introduce the waterproof details of the resin tile.


1. The roof before roof tile installation can be fixed on the roof by the metal plates on both sides and the slope. When the installation of the roof slope tiles is completed, then the tiles on the metal drainage cover can be used.


2. Some houses have chimneys, this place should not be taken carelessly. The chimneys and roof tiles are the intersections surrounded by them, which can be divided into positive bends and flashes. The shimmering face refers to the structure in which the sloped roof tiles and metal plates can be customized according to the size of the treated water board. The lower end is fixed below the waist structure, and the upper end is fixed on the upper and lower roof tiles of the purlin.


There is also a place where it is important to deal with the drainage around the dormer windows. The drainage grooves should be installed on both sides of the dormer windows, in accordance with the wall treatment, the water tank, and the chimney flashing method.


The eaves and eaves of the house are also treated with drainage, while protecting the eaves. The eaves should be sealed with metal plates or synthetic resins to seal dripping water from the roof eaves, and the edges extend inwardly.


The above is the waterproof details of the resin tile, I hope to provide you with reference and help!